run|ning1 [ˈrʌnıŋ] n [U]
1.) the activity or sport of running
Did you go running this morning?
New facilities include a pool and a running track.
running shoes
2.) the running of sth
the process of managing or organizing a business, home, organization etc
Brian took over the day-to-day running of the company while his father was away.
He praised the smooth running of the election.
3.) be in the running/out of the running
to have some hope or no hope of winning a race or competition
Who's in the running for the world title this year?
4.) make (all) the running
BrE informal to be the person who makes most of the suggestions in a relationship, plan, activity etc
running 2
running2 adj [only before noun]
1.) running water
a) if a house has running water, it has pipes which provide water to its kitchen, bath, toilet etc
b) water that is flowing or moving
the sound of running water
Rinse the vegetables thoroughly under running water.
2.) running commentary
a spoken description of an event, especially a race or game, made while the event is happening
She gave us a running commentary on what was happening in the street.
3.) running total
a total that keeps being increased as new costs, amounts etc are added
Keep a running total of your expenses as you go along.
4.) running battle/joke
an argument or joke that continues or is repeated over a long period of time
5.) running sore
a sore area on your skin that has liquid coming out of it
6.) in running order
a machine that is in running order is working correctly
7.) the running order
the order in which the different parts of an event have been arranged to take place
8.) take a running jump
spoken used to tell someone to go away and stop annoying you
running 3
running3 adv
three years/five times etc running
for three years etc without a change or interruption
= ↑in a row
She won the prize for the fourth year running.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.